Volume 5

Volume 5 – Reference Material from Project No. 11858: Technical Appendix to Exhibit E

  • Conceptual-Level Hydrology Study
  • Lake Elsinore Recycling Water Project Draft Fifth Quarter Monitoring Report
  • Preliminary Guidelines for a Monitoring and Surveillance Program
  • Hydrology Study for FERC Project No. 11504
  • Biological Resource Assessment
  • Cultural Resource Assessment
  • National Visitor Use Monitoring Results Cleveland National Forest
  • Preliminary Geologic Map of the Santa Ana 30’ x 60’ USGS Topographic Quadrangle
  • Preliminary Geologic Map of the Lake Elsinore 7.5-Minute Topographic Quadrangle
  • Geotechnical Feasibility Report
  • Second Stage Geotechnical Evaluation
  • Conceptual-Level Inundation Studies
  • Construction Traffic Analysis
  • White River Powerline Project Environmental Assessment